A selection of this weeks jobs: Electrician company needed contract for commercial project - Dublin 2... Approx 80 sqm of flooring for supply and install - Crumlin... New bathroom supply and install - Trim Co.Meath... Tiling of ground floor bungalow - Ranelagh... Exterior Painting semi detached house - Cork City...

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A Guide to Laminate Flooring

  When was Laminate Flooring first introduced? Laminate flooring was created by the Swedish company Perstop in the late 1970’s, and branded as Pergo. It was a much cheaper alternative to Hardwood flooring and easier to install, as Hardwood flooring a...
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3 Types of Cabinet Doors Currently Trending

If you are finding it difficult to design your new bungalow’s kitchen, then why don’t you hire a kitchen designer for this task? What? You can’t afford to reduce your bank balance because you have already spent a vast amount on purchasing your new bu...
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Keeping Safe from Falling Roof Tiles

By Andrew Cross – Marketing Manager, Klober Ltd, manufacturer of roof ventilation products and accessories    Keeping Safe from Falling Roof Tiles Storms all too frequently cause lifting tiles to break or mortar to become loose, particularly in valle...
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Top 10 Tricks that Burglars Use

Today is the day I help you delve into the minds of burglars so that you are better equipped to combat them and the tricks that they throw at you. There are some things about burglaries that all property owners should know and we will look at most of...
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12 Best Front Door Locks

front door locks
Locks are not the only part of physical security, but they certainly are an important part of it. Having the best front door locks possible will go a long way to helping achieve a higher level of protection from all types of crime. All renters, prope...
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Keep Your Home Secure this Christmas

home security
Christmas is a time for family, friends and enjoyment. Unfortunately, it is also a lucrative time for burglars. A burglary is a stressful experience as it is but when it happens during the Christmas period it can be a devastating experience. The 4 ti...
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What to Put on Your Construction CV

Construction Resume
Gone are the days when a phone call or a friend recommendation is good enough to land you a job in the construction industry. Today, recruitment managers regularly ask to see a resume and you could miss out on a good opportunity if yours is not up to...
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5 Tips for Start Up Tradesmen

A big mistake that a lot of Tradesmen make is trying to get too big too quickly and thus spending unnecessarily. Follow these 5 tips to help ensure you stay on track so you can spend your money where it really matters; on developing your business.   ...
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Preparing your Machinery for the Winter Months

Winter is coming
As Jon Snow repeatedly tells us 'Winter is Coming', so be sure to avoid any potential disastrous machinery failures these coming months. With a cold winter predicted, keeping your machinery in operating condition can be a difficult process. Preparing...
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7 Low Budget Marketing Tips

low budget marketing tips
Low Budget Marketing Tips for Small Businesses If you're a small business in the construction industry it can be very difficult to get your company name out there. Advertising expenses can get out of hand quite easily especially if you don't get the ...
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