1 . Do I have to pay to request a quotation from a Tradesman?

No, it's FREE to request a quotation from a Tradesman.

2 . When will I receive a response from the Tradesman?

Once you submit a quotation request to a Tradesman, the Tradesman receives an immediate email notification. It is the Tradesman's duty to contact you - not Trades Connects'. Make sure to include as much information as possible in the quotation request; including any photos.

3 . How do I register as a Tradesman?

In order to register as a Tradesman, please see here. Once subscribed successfuly you will be redirected to the register an account page. You can also find the register an account page here. You will need a valid email address to register.

4 . I have subscribed to the service, how do I publish my Tradesman profile?

Once you have successfully subscribed and registered your email address, sign in to your account through 'login'. If you have not registered your email with Trades Connect you can do so here. Once logged in, click on the 'Publish Your Profile' tab on top of the page. Follow all necessary instructions to publish your profile. Note, that all profile listings need to be approved by Trades Connect admin (which can take up to 48 hours).

5 . Why can't I include my phone number/email address on my listing?

Phone numbers and email addresses are not permitted on your Tradesman profile, unless you have subscribed to unlimited monthly quote requests. To subscribe to unlimited quote requests please contact us here.

6 . I forgot my password. What do I do?

You can retrieve a new password by clicking on the forgot password link on the bottom of the log in box. An email will then be sent to you where you can set a new password.

7 . How can I increase my chances of getting more quote requests?

In order to get more quote requests, include a full bio of your profile and include as much information as possible. It is also recommended to add a logo and any job photographs (max 10) to your profile. Furthermore, ask customers to review you on our site.

8 . How do I edit/delete my profile?

You can edit your profile through the 'My Account' tab when signed in to your account. Click on 'edit/delete item' tab.

9 . How to post my profile under multiple categories?

To post your profile under multiple categories, you must publish a new profile under the 'Publish Your Profile' tab for each category. You may be asked to provide verification from Trades Connect admin to ensure you qualify under this category.

10 . If your question is not answered above please contact us contact us here