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Electric Blanket


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Resist the cold weather with this warm and delightful electric blanket!

Is it chill outside? Looking for some blanket that can keep you warm and cozy in your bed? Then our premium-quality 220v electric blanket made from super-soft polyester is just for you! Its large size is great for getting warm, cozy and can even help to soothe aching joints & muscles and reduce dust mites. Plus, this blanket allows you to warm up crisp, cool sheets before bed.

This electric blanket is here to keep you warm from head to toe all year round! Made from non-woven fabric, the super-soft material gives you a smooth surface to sleep on and allows you to warm up on cold winter nights safely. The fabric is waterproof, safe, and comfortable, ensuring excellent warmth and texture.

If your partner runs cold and you run hot, you can still snuggle up to an electric blanket at night. You can adjust the temperature to meet your needs with the simple use of a controller. It allows adjusting the temperature arbitrarily. There are 2 types of controllers: a single controller (for sizes 70*150/120*150cm) and a dual controller (for size 150*180cm) to accommodate those differing preferences. The single controller can control only the total temperature of the blanket. The dual one controls the temperature of the left and right sides separately. The device features 2 heat settings: high and low temperature. The blanket distributes heat for up to 6 hours, and the power cord is 6m long for added convenience. Plus, it has an important safety feature like an automatic shutoff.

✔️ WARM & COZY — The blanket made from cozy fabric will perfectly ensure your warmth during the cold weather.

✔️ OFFERS DUAL CONTROL — Allows each person to personalize the heat on their side of the bed.

✔️ SAFE FOR ALL NIGHT USE — On the low-temperature level, you can leave the blanket switched on to keep the bed warm – so you can snooze in warmth all night long. Plus, it features an auto shut-off.

✔️ MAXIMUM COMFORT — The heating is homogeneous, and you won’t feel too hot – perfect for helping you sleep soundly.



  • Overheating protector: during product use, please preheat the product for 15-30 minutes, adjust to a low temperature before deep sleep.
  • You can use it only under a bedding blanket.
  • It cannot be washed or dry-cleaned.
  • It cannot be used if wet.
  • Please do not put heavy weight on the blanket when it is folded.
  • Please turn the power off if you are going out.
  • Please do not connect it to the power when it’s folded.
  • Please do not let older people or babies who can not take care of themselves use it.

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70×150 cm, 120×150 cm, 150×180 cm


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