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Playpen – Ball Pit

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Keep your little ones safe, secure, and entertained!

The playpen ensures your little one will be kept entertained and, most importantly, safe. It plays out a magnificent action by expelling babies from things they don’t need to contact. The playpen allows babies and toddlers the opportunity to have some independent play time while you can look after them outside doing housework or chatting. Just place some sensory toys inside and watch them explore. It’s also easily portable and can be used indoors and outdoors.

The ball pit playpen is made of high-quality stainless steel tube and sturdy nylon cloths, designed with breathable mesh. The height of the panel is high enough for your baby to stand and walk around. The area inside gives them a good amount of space to explore. The best part is that it’s light enough to be lifted with one hand.

The large play area is equipped with a basket hoop and an exclusive playground for babies. The playpen fence is made of durable Oxford material. What’s more, the side panel is a visible soft, breathable net, which can be interacted at any time to bring the baby a sense of security. The external zipper prevents your little one from accidentally falling.

The playpen is BPA-free and easy to clean. It only needs to be washed by hand and wiped with a damp cloth and soap to keep it fresh and hygienic. The non-slip suction cup at the bottom of the panel makes it difficult to tip and move. This baby playpen is very easy to install and carry. You can use it in many places like the park, beach, grass, and others. There is enough space for your child to move. Your little one can have hours of fun in this large playpen! 

✔️ ALLOWS BABIES TO PLAY & EXPLORE —  It’s the perfect way to provide your baby with a good environment for harnessing their imagination and growth.

✔️ EASY TO CARRY & CLEAN — This baby playpen is light enough to be lifted with one hand. Thanks to its high-quality material, it is very is to clean. It can be washed by hand and wiped with a damp cloth.

✔️ SAFE & SECURE — The side panel is made from soft material, which will provide high safety in case your child falls. The non-slip pads keep the playpen from moving in case any of the panels are accidentally bumped. It will ensure that your child is safe no matter where you decide to set it up.

✔️ INDOOR & OUTDOOR VERSATILE — It is designed with anti-slip pads at the bottom that work both inside and outside your home. Plus, the bottom won’t cause any damage to your floor.

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