A selection of this weeks jobs: New floor job ranging from tiles, wooden floor and carpet - Balbriggan... New 6mtr x 8mtr slab for back garden - Lucan... New bathroom fitting - Lusk... Kitchen, hall and bathroom tiles need to be changed - Swords... Roof leak - Cork City... Total re-paint of 3 bedroom house - Blackrock... Fit new porch lights - Athlone Town

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1 . How it works


2 . Decide when you want to receive leads

The maximum number of quotation requests you will receive within a calendar month is set to 10. You can decide when you want to receive job requests by simply activating/de-activating your profile using your login details. This is ideal for those times when you are simply too busy to take on any more work. Once de-activated, you will stop receiving requests immediately. All leads are sent directly to your registered email address. You will only receive leads for your chosen category and county (Eg: Carpenter - Dublin)

3 . Pricing


Price per quotation request - €5.99 

Yearly admin fee - €19.99 (Sign-up before February 28th for just €5 using Promo Code '€5SIGNUP' on Checkout)

The maximum amount of requests you can receive within a calendar month is set to 10.

For unlimited requests please contact us.

4 . FREE Quotation and Invoice Templates

When you register with Trades Connect you also avail of our FREE quotation and invoice templates. These templates are easily editable to suit your business needs, allowing you to easily create quotes and invoices. You can view our templates here.

5 . Verification Process

In order to ensure that our Tradesmen listed are qualified in their respective field, Trades Connect may require additional information from you.

Note, that all current CIRI (Construction Industry Registry of Ireland), RGI (Registered Gas Installer), or Safe Electric members will not be asked to provide further verification information. 

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