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1 . How it works

Build a Tradesman profile with us by adding your company info, logo and job photos.

Following successful verification from us, your Tradesman profile will go 'live' under your qualification category and will be fully accessible to all Trades Connect visitors seeking Tradesmen.

That's it! You can sit back and receive quotation requests directly to your email!

2 . Only pay when you receive quotation requests!

Price - €5.99 per quotation request (you can de-activate your profile at any time to stop receiving requests)

Yearly admin fee - €19.99 (payable on sign-up)

Options available for unlimited quotation requests!

3 . Verification Process

In order to ensure that our Tradesmen listed are qualified in their respective field, Trades Connect may require additional information from you.

Note, that any current CIRI (Construction Industry Registry of Ireland) members will not be asked to provide further verification information. 

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