A selection of this weeks jobs: Electrician company needed contract for commercial project - Dublin 2... Approx 80 sqm of flooring for supply and install - Crumlin... New bathroom supply and install - Trim Co.Meath... Tiling of ground floor bungalow - Ranelagh... Exterior Painting semi detached house - Cork City...

Sample Tradesman Contract

Using a contract when hiring a Tradesman is beneficial to both parties (Builder & Customer) and we fully recommend that one is in place before any works begin. A contract should clearly define and identify the following key areas:

(i) The Scope of Works

(ii) Contract Price

(iii) Payment Procedure

(iv) Variations Procedure

(v) Timeframe of Completions

(vi) Defects Procedure

A contract gives both parties security and clarification on the works being done and helps avoid any disputes that may arise during or after the course of works. We offer a Free Sample Tradesman Contract template to all customers who Request Quotes from the TradesConnect.ie site.

(Contract Preview)


To avail of the full Tradesman Contract Template, simply;

(i) Request a Quote on the TradesConnect.ie site.

(ii) Contact us here and ask us for the sample contract.

We will then email you the template!

Please note that the sample contract is for informational purposes. It is recommended that a lawyer looks over the contract before signing.