A selection of this weeks jobs: Landscaper needed for contract work - Enfield... Demolition and removal of small extension - Blanchardstown... New bathroom fitting - Ringsend... Kitchen Floor Tiling - Ranelagh... Exterior Painting semi detached house - Crumlin... Bungalow re-wire - Gorey... Fit new porch lights - Limerick City

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What to Do When Customers Refuse to Pay

What to Do When Customers Refuse to Pay Providing work to customers without requiring full payment up front is common within the construction industry. Customers will often put a portion of the total job cost down and then pay the remaining after the...
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Artificial Intelligence and Home Security

  If you are keen on getting to know the latest happenings in the area of homeprotection, home security and surveillance then you must certainly understandsomething more about artificial intelligence. This is the most happening area asfar as the next...
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Top 10 Tricks that Burglars Use

Today is the day I help you delve into the minds of burglars so that you are better equipped to combat them and the tricks that they throw at you. There are some things about burglaries that all property owners should know and we will look at most of...
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12 Best Front Door Locks

front door locks
Locks are not the only part of physical security, but they certainly are an important part of it. Having the best front door locks possible will go a long way to helping achieve a higher level of protection from all types of crime. All renters, prope...
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Keep Your Home Secure this Christmas

home security
Christmas is a time for family, friends and enjoyment. Unfortunately, it is also a lucrative time for burglars. A burglary is a stressful experience as it is but when it happens during the Christmas period it can be a devastating experience. The 4 ti...
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