A selection of this weeks jobs: Electrician company needed contract for commercial project - Dublin 2... Approx 80 sqm of flooring for supply and install - Crumlin... New bathroom supply and install - Trim Co.Meath... Tiling of ground floor bungalow - Ranelagh... Exterior Painting semi detached house - Cork City...

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Why register as a Tradesman with TradesConnect.ie?

Job leads are the life and soul of every Tradesman and contractor. Many have chosen to use Google Adwords in recent years as a mechanism to receive more leads. Although effective there is no doubt that Google Adwords can be a very costly option. The average CTR (click through rate) for the construction industry is 2.5%. This means that only 1 in 40 of your visitors are taking action on your landing page. With the average click costing approx €2, you could be spending up to €80 per job lead. No matter your profession within the industry, this is extremely costly. TradesConnect.ie offers a cost-effective solution to Adwords. At TradesConnect.ie you can receive quality job leads for just €5.99 per lead and without the fuss of having to monitor your Adwords campaigns.

Advantages of TradesConnect.ie over Google Adwords 

  • Pay the same amount for all leads
  • More cost-effective than Adwords
  • Only pay when you receive leads
  • Easy set up
  • No need to monitor your campaign
  • Leads sent straight to your inbox
  • Easy to de-activate when you want to stop receiving leads

The set up for TradesConnect.ie is very straight forward. You simply register under your relevant trade profession and under the county where you operate. Once your account is verified (yes, we verify our tradesmen!) your listing is live and you are eligible to start receiving leads in your category. Stop wasting both time and money with Adwords and join TradesConnect.ie today!

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