A selection of this weeks jobs: Electrician company needed contract for commercial project - Dublin 2... Approx 80 sqm of flooring for supply and install - Crumlin... New bathroom supply and install - Trim Co.Meath... Tiling of ground floor bungalow - Ranelagh... Exterior Painting semi detached house - Cork City...

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Why register as a Tradesman with TradesConnect.ie?

Job leads are the life and soul of every Tradesman and contractor. Many have chosen to use Google Adwords in recent years as a mechanism to receive more leads. Although effective there is no doubt that Google Adwords can be a very costly option. The ...
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Why all Tradesmen should have a Website

So you have decided to go your own way in the construction industry. You've registered your business, got a company vehicle, a couple of sub-contractors lined up and maybe a few jobs in the pipeline. So how do you ensure your business is easily seen ...
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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Marketing Consultant

Many SME’s and start up companies can be quite reluctant to use a marketing consultant. As a digital marketing consultant myself, some may say I am biased in the following view, but without the correct advice and insight, companies may waste signific...
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Top 3 Tips to get Paid Faster

   Tip One - Get It Done Quicker It doesn't take a genius to work out that the quicker you send your invoice the quicker you will get paid. In today’s day & age there's no need to wait until you sit down over paperwork to start sending invoices. ...
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What to Put on Your Construction CV

Construction Resume
Gone are the days when a phone call or a friend recommendation is good enough to land you a job in the construction industry. Today, recruitment managers regularly ask to see a resume and you could miss out on a good opportunity if yours is not up to...
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5 Tips for Start Up Tradesmen

A big mistake that a lot of Tradesmen make is trying to get too big too quickly and thus spending unnecessarily. Follow these 5 tips to help ensure you stay on track so you can spend your money where it really matters; on developing your business.   ...
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7 Low Budget Marketing Tips

low budget marketing tips
Low Budget Marketing Tips for Small Businesses If you're a small business in the construction industry it can be very difficult to get your company name out there. Advertising expenses can get out of hand quite easily especially if you don't get the ...
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5 Reasons Why Company Uniforms can set Your Company Apart

Company Uniforms
5 Reasons Why Company Uniforms Can Set Your Company Apart In the competitive market of the construction industry, it’s imperative to gain an edge over your competitors. Something as simple as company uniforms can give you that edge. There’s a certain...
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