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Flash Speed Mop

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No more bending over to mop ever! Enjoy an efficient house cleaning experience with our 360° rotatable floor mop!

Keeping your space clean should be a priority for everyone as this also directly determines your productivity. Therefore, if you are wondering how you can ensure that your office, apartment, and home remain clean, you should consider buying a microfiber mop. This flash speed mop with a sleek body and an x-shaped mop head imitates the hand wringing movement and will keep your hands from dirty water.

By simply pushing down the pole, you can wring the water and dirt out in seconds. You will complete washing and drying at the same time. The 360° rotatable head and the x-shaped design make it easy to maneuver around hard-to-reach areas. The slim design of the 140 cm extra-long steel handle gives the flat mop easy access to narrow spaces like gaps or slots under the bed or between the sofas. 

The compact and lightweight self-wringing mop takes up little space in the house, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or garage. What’s more, this super Flash Speed Mop comes with 3 mop pads. The integrated hanging hook in the handle top allows easy storage. Our flat mop also features a built-in multipurpose scraper – by gently scraping the mop pad, you can remove hair and stains with the serrated edge, while the flat edge can squeeze out excess water that has been accumulated on.

✔️ DEEP CLEANING —  Thanks to the high-quality microfiber, this mop helps quickly remove really tough dirt & grime stains.

✔️ EASY TO USE & INSTALL — Pads are detachable for a thorough cleaning, and you can assemble the mop easily in just a few simple steps.

✔️ COMFORTABLE — It features an extra-long handle to keep you from bending. Additionally, the handle is extendable, making it possible to clean hard-to-reach areas.


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